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My name is Silvia (also known as SalixTree ), I live in the Irish countryside. I write and illustrate children's books. I like to garden, cross stitch, crochet, and read fantasy books.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Rebsie, peas and flowers

I did a drawing of Rebsie to thank her for sending me some heritage pea, bean and beet seeds. She experiments with breeding vegetables, especially peas, and she loves wildflowers.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Homage to Chagall

Song of Sings
For Illustration Friday's topic "Homage"

I adore Chagall's work, the loving embrace of his couples, the smiling animals, the upsidedown characters and little crowds of people here and there.
Here's the real thing: "Song of Songs IV"

Friday, March 21, 2008

pet peeve

Pet Peeves for Illustration Friday: The noisy eater

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Saillé's Dream

Saillé's Dream, a story by Silvia Salix.
A story on the theme "Dreams" for World Storytelling Day

Saillé loved going for walks in the woods. She loved to sit under her favorite tree, a large oak, and daydream. But as she grew older, her walks became less frequent. But she made sure she went on special days. This day was the Vernal Equinox, the beginning of spring. Very tired, she sat under the oak tree for a while, and soon fell asleep. She dreamed...

...Saillé was much younger, and danced and sang under the oak tree while a few snow flurries fluttered down. An Oak Sprite, who sat up in the tree, watched her in rapture. He was smitten! Hopping out of the tree, he took her in his arms and danced. Saillé felt so alive, so content, so free, dancing.. dancing.. dancing...

She woke up, and it was almost dark. And indeed there was a little bit of snow on the ground.She was cold, and it was a long way home. But home she went, thinking of her lovely dream.
Saillé went for a walk again on May Day. It was a much warmer day, and she was feeling quite chipper. By the time she reached her favorite tree, she had become quite tired, and sat to rest a while in the dappled shade. Again she fell asleep. She dreamed...

...Saillé was again in her youth, twirling and spinning through the long grass by the oak tree. The Oak Sprite was there as well, watching her from the branches above. Happily, he hopped down to greet her, swept her up into his arms. Then they were floating and they danced the tango together, through the branches of the tree. Saillé felt so happy, she hadn't been so happy for years, she has been alone so long, and this seemed so right. dancing.. dancing.. dancing...

Waking up, it was quite dark already, how long had she been sleeping there? She felt sore from sitting against the trunk for long hours. Saillé slowly made her way back home, the dream of the Oak Sprite urging her on.
Midsummer, Saillé decided again to take a walk to her tree. She felt rather tired today, but she was
thinking of her lovely dream of the Oak Sprite, and hoping she would see him again. Soon, she might be too old to make the long walk there, and today was a most lovely warm day, and the daylight would last far into the night. Almost exhausted, she settled down by the oak tree, took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. She dreamed...

...Saillé was young, waltzing under the oak, looking up into the branches to see if Oak Sprite was there. He was indeed, and he was very happy to see her again, as was she. Hopping down, Oak Sprite took her in his arms, and they waltzed for hours and hours, a dizzy and exciting whirl of energy. Then Oak Sprite did something he had never done before. Spinning and flying, he kissed her. It was pure rapture for Saillé, and she fell into the kiss with all her soul. She wanted to stay with Oak Sprite for always.. dancing.. dancing.. dancing... and dancing...

At midnight, the northern sky aglow with summer twilight, under the oak tree, there rested an old woman with her eyes closed. She looked to be asleep, but she was cold and she was not breathing...

...Saillé and Oak Sprite were dancing.. dancing.. dancing...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Phoenix tattoo, first idea

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doll hutch deco

While visiting my Mom, I noticed a cute little doll hutch in her living room. I thought it would be fun to make little things to go in it out of Fimo. I made a vase with flowers, a picture frame with a Dutch landscape, a pitcher, a plate, and a basket with candy eggs. I put some little lace in the windows too. The seashell is from my Mom's collection.