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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Artist's Block

My entry for Studio Friday
"You've heard of 'writer's block'. Well as an artist, I sometimes suffer from "Artist's block". What is this you ask? It's when you sit and sit and can't come up with anything. This can go on for hours, days, weeks even months sometimes.
I want to know how you break free of Artist's block! " ~ Gabi

I go out and do some gardening, or just wander around the garden sniffing flowers, seeing what's growing. It gets me out of the house, I get some fresh air. I get a little exersise. I pick some flowers:
Still no ideas? When I come back in feeling refreshed, I can browse the internet, or read. Or talk with people. Or work on my cross-stich:
And still no ideas? When I go to sleep at night, I think about my creative problem before falling asleep. Usually when I wake up, I have an idea, or even several ideas.

Even now still no ideas?? Well, I just don't worry about it, and do my best. It usually turns out good.


Blogger Salix Tree said...

AscenderRisesAbove said...

oh yes; sleeping on it always produces something

2:58 AM
kerrip said...

I listed a whole bunch of creativity helpers, but I forgot sleeping on it...and this is one of the best, not just for creativity but for problem solving in general. Lovely flowers. getting outdoors helps me too.

3:09 PM
firstborn said...

hey, that's how i do it too, to unblock momentary blocks!

3:53 PM
Anke said...

That's a great attitude! No stress and the thoughts/ ideas come back!

3:53 PM
Ouissi Gresty said...

Fresh air always helps...blowing away the cobwebs from the corners of my mind...

Ouissi x

4:35 PM
naomi said...

I do the garden wandering too.

Cassandra Russell said...

i like to do this too with my camera.

6:32 PM
Native Canadian said...

Ah, how lovely it must be to wander through the garden. I feel refreshed and ready to be creative just by reading your post. :) Thanks for sharing.

8:28 PM
APlanet4Creation said...

Mine was a nature theme too!

12:12 AM
Going For Greatness said...

Such lovely green grass you have! (I LOVE IRELAND!) I last visited Ireland in 1997... too long ago! I have family in County Donegal in Letterkenny. I hope to return for a visit soon!
The thought of Ireland, itself is enough to knock the artist's block right out of me!!

2:46 AM
Dear Monday said...

nature is always a great inspiration. i do agree that sleeping on it helps.

4:21 AM
Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Taking a walk outdoors does do the trick, it opens my senses, and i feel better after it!

8:06 AM
ela zawrat said...

Yes, I'm all up to a stroll in a garden, or for a stroll in a blogosphere where I can meet people with nice green hair.... :)

8:21 AM

June 02, 2007 2:46 pm  

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