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Friday, December 08, 2006

Bad Color!

This week's topic for Studio Friday December 8th suggested by Michelle: COLOUR COMBOS THAT MAKE YOU CRAZY!

" We all have combos we are uncomfortable with. Let's explore the *why* of it..." ~ Michelle

I don't understand people who spend so much time making something in bad color combinations. I think it's the browns in these, combined with various dull colors that I don't like. Excuse me for saying, but it looks like digested food that didn't make it all the way through the body.

Thanks to the knitters at You Knit What-part2 for these pics, they come up with the most awful stuff sometimes!


Blogger Salix Tree said...

nancy bea said...

Yes, ugh, I agree. The sweaters are nice but the colors clash in an icky way. Not even in an INTERESTING way!

6:06 PM
Karin said...

Yuck....That sweater on the bottom right hand corner...Yuck. Good find on bad colors though!

8:40 AM
Stephanie said...

I agree! and what a funny site you pulled those from...the Hamburger dress???

4:55 PM
zUzU said...

Hi Silvia! =^..^=

Well ... now you might be totally grossed out with this, but I rather like the scarf!

Perhaps the colors on my screen are not the ones you are seeing? ... but knowing me, it's me liking something weird.

I love the colors of nature and the greens w/gold really works for me (I'm a redhead)... I'm just not sure about some of the other colors in the scarf & if those would work. I don't have anything this would go with!

Looking at it more closely ... Is that gold or a shade of odd ORANGE? If it's the later ... yuck. No way. Not for me. Although I can in infact totally see my neighbor (pre-schooler) loving this and the montage of strange color!

He does this very thing every day whenever his mom lets him choose what he wants to wear .::giggle::.

Stop laughing. He's adorable!
He's also not quite four.
He's just adorable, period.

=^..^= zU

5:10 AM


June 02, 2007 4:23 pm  

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