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Friday, December 01, 2006

lovely color combinations

The Studio Friday topic this week is color combos.
"Let's throw in our favourite colours this week and spruce things up! So many great colours to choose your favourites from, hehe. "
Thanks Sharla for suggesting this week's topic!

A lot of the time, I look at what nature has put together in color combinations. Here are some flowers from my summer garden in my favorite colors:

Sometimes, looking at a single viola flower can be rapturous, the colors are like little watercolor paintings. Violas in violet and yellow against green. Happy and friendly colors.

This rose's color of peach is mingled with tones of yellows and apricots, again, backed by the color green. A warm and delicious color combo.

I love the subtle colors of blush pinks mixed with yellows and whites, soft and romantic.

Sweetpeas, in colors of reds, pinks and violets. A fireworks of colors! Bursts of energy!

I like all colors, my favorite being green and yellow right now. Green, the predominant color of plants, soothing to the eyes, relaxing and calming. Yellow, a happy and cheerful color, sugesting friendliness.


Blogger Salix Tree said...

maria said...

I love violas, they are so sweet. The entire summer mom and dad had one plant growing between the stone plates under the terrace; it had managed to grow up in the smallest little space between the plates. That is the power of our nature.

10:34 AM
Stephanie said...

I agree! I love all the colors in nature. I laugh sometimes when I see articles about 'natural' colors, browns, golds etc. Natural colors! are all the bright, rich colors of these incredible flowers you shared.

4:12 PM
Carrie Sommer said...

My favorite colors are those found in flowers! Great response to the this!

5:39 PM
Bejeweled said...

What stunning flowers! The colors are just amazing!

6:44 PM
LB said...

Nature sure does know how to put colors together! Lovely photos.

1:32 AM
susan said...

Wonderful garden photos and great colors! I like your sweet peas - you have quite a green thumb (speaking of colors LOL)

4:13 AM
Kate I said...

Nature is the best teacher, indeed! Lovely flowers in your garden!

5:15 AM
Anke said...

Beautiful roses you have their, love the color. You are right nature has beautiful color combinations to offer.

1:09 PM
Sydney said...

True, nature does put together some wonderful color combinations.

5:44 PM


June 02, 2007 4:28 pm  

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