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Thursday, November 16, 2006

This is me

This week's topic for Studio Friday, November 17th suggested by Jill: THIS IS ME!

A little collage of all the things that
say "this is me and this is what I do".

1. a notebook/journal
2. a book about cats: my favorite animal
3. a book about nature
4. a few character figures from films I have worked on
5. a little birdie: I love small songbirds (I know it's a penguin, ah well)
6. Minnie Mouse: symbolising animation
7. a little basket of herbs: I love baskets, I love small things
8. a little vase of herbs: again, a small thing, and I love growing and using herbs
9. sketchbooks
10. a spider wearing barbie shoes: symbolising monsters, and I like spiders
11. lip balm: I need that!
12. a little basket with childhood toy: symbolising the child in me
13. a flip book: animation again
14. Loreena McKennitt CD
15. Mediaeval Baebes CD
16. a fairie
17. apple: my fave fruit
18. herbal tea
19. chocolate: mmm!
20. USB devise: symbolising computers
21. seeds: symbolising plants, trees
22. seashell: symbolising nature, and I like to pick up pretty things
23. wild earings, cat in a plane, alien, cat: symbolising craziness, sci-fi, and cats again
24. my needlework and threads
25. a green flower bracelet made by my brother: symbolising family love, hippy, fimo, and flowers
26. pencils, erasor, reinforcements: used to animate
27. a doily my Mom made: symbolising family and nostalgia


Blogger Salix Tree said...

maria said...

nice collage!

1:59 PM

Stephanie said...

I love how I can really get an idea of who you are!

2:12 PM


lee said...

I also see who you are through your collage, a true artisit

7:57 PM

APlanet4Creation said...

WOW! You got quite a group of items there.

10:06 PM

Pauline said...

WOW .. love your collage!

10:31 PM


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