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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Daisy Lupin's First [sometimes slightly cheeky] Meme

Daisy Lupin made up a meme, I just saw it this morning on her site. Looked like fun, so here goes...

What was your first childhood pet?
We didn't have any pets, other than my Father's fish tank. We brought home all sorts of animals like snakes, turtles, mice, insects. But we were only allowed to keep the animal for a few hours, and were to let it go again where it was found. The first pet I had was a grey and white cat I brought home when I was a teen, I named her Daisy.

What was your favourite comic?
Superman and Lois Lane.

What was your favourite childhood book?
Not sure it would be a favorite, but quite memorable. "Der Struwwelpeter" The scariest book! Here's the page that frightened me the worst:

Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a child?
I had an imaginary white horse named Dusty, that raced alongside our car when my family drove somewhere. Sometimes I imagined sitting on her and she would veer away into the distance, so we could see something closer up.

Did you play an instrument as a child?
A clarinet

What was the first hit single record you bought?
The Beatles "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"

What tune sums up teenage summers?
"California Dreaming" by The Mamas and the Papas. I wanted to go to California so bad, I wanted to be with all the flower children! I finally did go when I was in my 20s.

What was first pop concert you went to?
The Doors, and a week later, Jefferson Airplane.

Fave teenage TV programme?
Really don't remember, just enjoyed watching really good cartoons, like Warner Bros. and Disney.

Were you a naughty or a good girl at school?
Good, except for my dress. I was always being called into the principle's office for wearing my skirts too short.

Miss Popularity, Artsy Pants, weirdo or geek, which of these groups classify you at secondary[high] school?
Artsy/Weirdo. I made my own clothes, and they were quite wild! Psychedelic-Hippy style. Nobody wore what I was wearing.

Girl most likely to [as in year book]?
End up in California living in a commune. I did live in a commune, and I did end up in LA.

What colour did you paint your bedroom as a teenager?
I had murals of landscapes with space rabbits and willow trees, and many flowers. Rest of the walls were pale yellow.

Very first paid job ever?
I made a sign in the 60s for the Dutch Embassy (in Wash. DC) which is still to this day standing in thier lobby.

Have you ever been really drunk?
Really drunk, no. Really sick from eating strawberries out of a punchbowl, yes.

Did you smoke dope? and if so did you do a Bill Clinton [ smoking but not inhaling]?
Yes, I was a hippy, I did all kinds of "interesting" stuff.

A stupid thing you did?
Rather not say, but nothing bad came of it in the end.

Left handed or right handed?

Should you play a board game with me?
I'm not a big fan of board games. I used to play with my hubby, and I would win. He would then take his turn back and we would continue till I won again. Then he would take his turn back.. etc etc. I got tired of playing board games.

If you came to visit me what would we do?
Take a walk around the countryside, or a cycle. Visit our local castle in Trim. Maybe have a little drive in the area. Home for a home-cooked dinner, with veggies and herbs from the garden.


Blogger Salix Tree said...

Daisy Lupin said...

Glad you did the meme. Your answers are so interesting. You got to where I always longed to go California. I ached to go to San Fransico and live in Haight Ashbury with all the heads. At least I did manage to see Grateful Dead twice, one on tour in England and once at a music festival, where I did some more er'interesting stuff' too. I live a much more peaceful life now.
LOve your three witches, I just bought my pumpkin for Samhain, yesterday so will now have to get on decorating my cottage window.

8:00 AM


June 02, 2007 3:15 pm  

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