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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dread, panic and worry

This week's topic for Studio Friday, October 13th, suggested by Casey: FEAR!

I haven't got a lot of fear, or even a lot of worry. Maybe just a tiny bit...
I once had a fear of getting old, but now that I'm older, it doesn't bother me a whole lot anymore. I have a few old hags sitting around my room, they are cute in a strange way.I have a slightly more worry about getting a disease, where you lay in bed wasting away, depending on others to feed you and such. Here's a little statue of a cartoon character, mutilated by a fellow animator.
But this is my worst fear of late.. the fear of going blind. I was trying to do some work I had not done in many years, clean up of animator's drawings. It is exact work, the line needs to be sharp and precise. My eyes kept blurring and any amount of blinking and rubbing was not helping. I went to see about my eyes, and found I needed glasses! Wow, what a difference! I can see! But for a short while there, I was panicing about my eyesight going away. One of my first thoughts was "well, I can still smell the scent of my plants, I'll be choosing a lot of scented and tactile plants when I go blind!"


Blogger Salix Tree said...

Tracie said...

Ooh now that is a good fear from artists that need their eyes to work! I have to say I haven't thought about that one, just makes us stop and think how lucky we are to be gifted with sight to begin with.

4:28 PM
Going For Greatness said...

Totally legitimate fears there and I can't say that I haven't thought about them as well!!
have a FEARLESS weekend

6:06 PM
Carrie Sommer said...

That is a fear. A strong one.

6:23 PM
Ouissi Gresty said...

My friend John & I have this disagreement often after a couple of glasses of vino...he is so afraid of loosing his hearing but for me the loss of my sight would be devestating...couldn't read or scarey!!

Ouissi x

9:33 PM
nancy bea said...

Truly a terrible fear! And I have an opthamologist's appointment on Monday. I already wear glasses, but have been having some other problems. Vision impairment is a terrible fear for an artist. I hope my issues turn out to be petty. Like you I immediately set about comforting myself in the worst case scenario by reminding myself of the wonderfulness of the other senses, smell and touch, hearing etc.
P.S. Cute ribbons on your glasses!

2:52 PM
Anke said...

That is an horrible thought! My good friend has to worry about that right now, they just found out about a serious defect which makes her blind in a couple of years. I'm in danger of it too, my eye pressure is high, I try to push this fear away though.....

2:41 PM

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