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Friday, January 26, 2007

Amazing Artists

This week's topic for Studio Friday January 26th suggested by Janet: LOOK WHO I FOUND... !

"I love to discover new artists and often find them through other peoples mentions of them. So, introduce us, in words and/or pictures, to an artist, craftsperson, or writer you admire and that we might not have heard of before (i.e. not a famous one). What do you like about their work? How does it inspire your own work?"

~ JanetThe first two pics are parts of digital paintings by Enayla. Here is her site. I think she is amazing. She mostly does fantasy characters. I wish I could paint in Photoshop half as well as her, it's just incredible!

The next two pieces are cross-stichings done by my mother, Lilo. She started the first one while lying in bed with a bad back, to relieve her boredom. And she's been making hundreds since then. She has always been good with sewing and needlework her entire life, and now it's become an art form for her. I think she has an amazing talent. Here is her blog.


Blogger Salix Tree said...

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing this artist and I LOVE that your mother has a blog and very much like her pieces. This has been a really fun topic!

5:41 PM
Tracie said...

Wow very cool! I love stitching (cross-stitch) it's so time consuming and tidieous but the rewards are so wonderful! I haven't done it in years but enjoy looking! TFS.

6:25 PM
APlanet4Creation said...

Great drawings and cross stitch pieces! :)

6:35 PM
janet said...

It's hard to believe the paintings are digital—amazing! And I love anything to do with embroidery so will definitely check out your Mom's blog. Thanks for the link.

11:44 PM
LB said...

Thanks for sharing both - your mom's work is particularly cool! And your mom has a blog? How cool is that?

5:01 AM

June 02, 2007 4:04 pm  

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