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Friday, January 05, 2007

created by Salix Tree

Changing names. This is the topic for Studio Friday this week, as suggested by Susan.

"I've been reading Twyla Tharp's book The Creative Habit and here's an idea from her book - " the ancient masters of Japanese art were allowed to change their name once in their lifetime. They had to be very selective about the moment in their career when they did so. They would stick with their given name until they felt they had become the artist they aspired to; at that point, they were allowed to change their name. For the rest of their life, they would work under the new name at the height of their powers."
So let's presume we are at the height of our careers - what name would you choose and why?

~ Susan

I have already chosen a name. All my life I have loved willow trees, well.. all trees! Willow is my favorite. In legend, people sat under the willow for inspiration. I just love the way the weeping branches sway, with sunlight flickering through, giving a partial shade. There is usually water nearby, and the sounds of water and rustling leaves is very soothing.

"Salix" is the latin name for willows. I like the way that word sounds, soft and feminine. Long ago, I was into Role-Playing games. I made myself a willow dryad, and named myself Salix. That name has stayed with me for years, and if someone called that name in a crowd, I would surely turn around. For it has become my alternate name.

I have begun using it to sign my artwork as well for the past several years, mostly signing Silvia/Salix.


Blogger Salix Tree said...

Carlene said...

What a beautiful name you've chosen! Although I think Silvia is a beautiful name as well.

2:20 PM
firstborn said...

yes, i agree with carlene! how perfect for you!

3:21 PM
susan said...

Wonderful name and I like the reason behind it too! Willow trees are amazing. There was a huge one in a park I used to drive by often and it was a wonderful sight.

4:10 PM
kerrip said...

I also love trees. Their strength and endurance through centuries, their beauty, the shade they offer. What a wonderful choice.

Ella Vuela

4:21 PM
iHanna said...

great story behind your name Salix, thanks for sharing it!

9:46 PM
Tracie said...

Willow trees are difinitely the picture of serenity for me as well; we had 2 huge ones on our property we are now done to 1 and it's dying a very slow death...I'm trying to hang onto it for as long as I possibly can. :)

9:46 PM
n.b. said...

I like willows as well... great choice of nom de brosse!

10:34 PM
Sydney Harper said...

I love willow trees. Salix is a nice name and seems to suit you.

7:26 AM

June 02, 2007 4:13 pm  

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