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Friday, January 19, 2007

My dream studio

This week's topic for Studio Friday January 19th suggested by mereteveian: INSPIRING DREAM STUDIO!

Well, I have dreamed of having a little cottage for many years, as my studio. It would have a front looking real traditional, but the back would have big windows for light. I could have seperate rooms, one for animation, one with a big table for crafts and such, and another room with a sewing machine. And one more room for books!

When we were looking for a house to buy a few years back, we came across the prettiest little cottage by a stream, with a lot of land around it. We thought it would be nice to build a new house, and I could have the cottage for my studio.
Well, we didn't buy it after all, it was in the middle of nowhere, far from any Dublin transport, and my kids needed the bus to go to college. But I can still dream.


Blogger Salix Tree said...

hanna said...

beautiful houses, I can imagine you would stay there in your imagination lots of time, right? :-)

12:29 PM
Anonymous said...

I love your dream studio.

{ Karin }

3:29 PM
Tracie said...

Wow, absolutely awesome! I love the fact that it was so remote, too bad it didn't work out but there is always "some day"! I love the idea of big huge windows to let in the light, that is key and so essential I think to anyone's hobby!

6:47 PM
mreteveian said...

Just got to love the outside view of your dream studio. And the rooms you dreamed about inside, - great!
Sorry for you that it was to far from town.
Dream on!

9:00 AM
zUzU said...

Never stop dreaming.

Dream BIG.
Dream with your eyes wide open.

I dreamt of a tiny cottage with windows all around ...
I dreamt of a bitty studio filled huge with light ...
I dreamt of a garden of trees and flowers
and inside that garden sat my dream studio ...
next to the cottage.

I drew pictures of my dreams with words & paint.
Of what my cottage looked like.

Of the studio ... Of the gardens filled with flowers.
Of towering trees that protected them all.

I wrote myself letters about them.
I BELIEVED in the dream ... that my cottage was out
there ... waiting for me to find it.

And I knew next to my cottage, in the gardens ...
sat the studio filled huge with light.

In 1999 ... I walked down a road behind the house
I had rented and lived in for 10 months ... A road right next to me, yet I had never traveled.

A friend had died and her small dog came to live
with me ... This precious creature insisted I walk
her down this road. After her tugging and wagging
I relented and let her pull me down the path.

I followed her lead.
As we walked ...
I looked around into the trees ...
At the old worn fences ...
And just beyond.

Hidden behind my rented house ...
There, in the trees ...

Sat a tiny white cottage.

Next to the cottage sat a smaller one ...
and together surrounded by an overgrown
and sadly neglected old garden.

There in front of me ...
Not three hundred feet from where I was living ...
Was my dream with a for sale sign.

Waiting for me.

Always believe in your dreams.
You can make them real.

=^..^= love, zU

10:45 AM

June 02, 2007 4:07 pm  

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