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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another low...

Feeling a bit low lately. I have spent about 2-3 months working on some artwork. And in the end I have not been paid. The work was sent to the client all finished, and they said it was not good enough, and would I do it over. At this point, I felt so down about the whole thing, completely lost all inspiration and enthusiasm for the project. I did not want to spend another 2 months doing the same thing, and didn't think I could do any better, as I had given them the best I could do. So I told them they would really be better off finding someone else to do the work, and just to throw my stuff in the bin.
Well, my husband thinks they have gotten my work for free now. I'm not sure what to think...
So in the meantime, I have lost several weeks worth of money, now we are reduced to eating lentils and cabbage.
Why do I continue to be an artist? No idea.. but I'm sure everything will be better again soon
.....I'm hopeful.


Blogger Salix Tree said...

RUTH said...

Still working my way through your blogs; what a terrible thing to happen after all your hard work and time. I can't believe that ANYONE could say your work is not good enough. Hopefully soon things will be better........lentils and cabbage are fine for a little while but could get a bit boring!
As to "why do you continue being an artist"........with your talent how could you NOT be!!

10:55 PM
zUzU said...

Oh how horrid! =^..^=

Such a nasty thing to happen ... But inside the experience must be something possitive? ::SIGH:: I totally feel for you. Don't give up on art ... Not because of one client!

On a happier note ... I wish to invite you over to my blog for the heART giveaway. There are a number of drawings still unfinished! Mine ends tonight ... And I would love to see your name in the teacup, Sil!

=^..^= love, zU

4:21 PM
Salix Tree said...

Oh.. no no.. I can't give up art, no matter how many ups and downs it has! It's in me to create, always has been, always will be. No worries!

9:17 PM
Gotta Garden said...

I am so outraged!! Well, who am I tell you anything...but (lol), I will! Remember, it is business...not personal, no matter how personal it may seem...I don't think you should have said to throw your work away!! No, no, no!! It should have been their expense. You must value your work for anyone else to! No trash!

Second, you must insist on either an hourly rate for your time (like an pay for the time whether you like his/her work or not) and/or a per job rate...with at least half up front and half upon completion (whether they like it or not!)...maybe an additional reduced rate if they wish it to be reworked.

Okay, forgive me. I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds...I am just so outraged! What kind of people would not pay for work done??

All right. Done venting!

Take care. You are a very talented person!

10:27 PM


June 02, 2007 4:01 pm  

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